Rainbow Mountain


Rainbow Mountain
Client: Heaps Gay

            Rainbow Mountain is an annual queer snow and ski weekend at Thredbo with pool parties, cocktail lunches, fireside drag, discos and more. The teams from Heaps Gay and Thredbo were after a vibrant and eye-catching artwork and logo to represent and engage the queer Sydney community. I worked illustratively using iconic local drag queens playfully “dressed up” in apres ski attire, surrounded by retro repeat patterns, and custom made logotype, complete with mountain-straddling rainbow. The branding was applied across collateral including promo videos and the Thredbo  website.

Rainbow Mountain announcement poster and line-up pole poster.
Rainbow Mountain logo patch.

The Felicia Foxx tote.

The Aaron Manhattan tote.
The Betty Grumble tote.
Rainbow Mountain t-shirt.

Rainbow Mountain, Thredbo Village. September, 2019.

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